At the Informatics Lab, we strive to help you. Our team comprises highly qualified specialists across disciplines; Sciences, Engineering, Visualization and Social Sciences, and may be more. Here you can know more about our team.

Anne M. Brown, Ph.D.
Science Informatics Consultant and Health Analytics Coordinator
  (540) 231-9231
 Curriculum Vitae
Anne Brown holds a PhD degree in Biochemistry. Anne’s specific expertise is in using high performance computing for molecular dynamics simulations and virtual screening, focusing on molecular mechanisms, protein structure-function relationships, and drug design. She is also involved in the training and mentorship of undergraduate research students in these areas. Anne collaborates with faculty and students on the integration of computational thinking and discipline-specific computational tools into their research or classroom. In addition, she consults on and help researchers with data analysis, data publishing, and data visualization.

Chreston Miller, Ph.D.
Data and Informatics Consultant, Engineering
  (540) 231-3439
Chreston Miller holds a PhD in Computer Science and Applications with a concentration in Human and Computer Interaction and human behavior analytics. His Masters was also in Computer Science and Applications with a concentration in distributed storage systems. He is a CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for the Sciences and Social Sciences. His current work includes multimodal analysis of small group meetings.

Michael J. Stamper
Data Visualization Designer and Consultant for the Arts
  (540) 231-1715
Michael Stamper holds a BA in Graphic Design and Art History, and a Masters in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Interactive, Graphic, Information Design and Data Visualization, both from Indiana University-Bloomington. He has extensive experience working in all aspects of design in academia, for private companies, and the Federal Government. Before coming to Virginia Tech in the Fall of 2016, he was Dr. Katy Börner’s Senior Designer at the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center at Indiana University-Bloomington, where he specialized in creating many dynamic data visualizations for research and the world-traveling Places & Spaces: Mapping Science data visualization and art exhibit.

He has taught as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Minnesota State University-Moorhead. He is a multifaceted designer with a vast body of work that ranges from large (and small) scale data visualizations and information design projects to traditional graphic/interactive design for print and Web. One of his favorite and most satisfying aspects about working on data visualization and analysis projects is being able to bring simplicity to complexity through the strategic application of design. Michael’s role involves supporting administrators, faculty, and students assess, organize, and draw meaning and insights from their data and making sense of it all through visual means, and lecturing on the importance of “good” design practices for creating data visualizations, infographics, and user interface and experience design.

Nathaniel D. Porter, Ph.D.
Social Science Data Consultant and Data Education Coordinator
  (540) 232-8478
 Curriculum Vitae
Nathaniel Porter holds MA degrees in sociology and theology. In addition to serving in the libraries, Nathaniel is currently a PhD candidate in sociology at Penn State University with a certificate in quantitative methodology and a social thought minor. He specializes in non-traditional data collection, social network analysis, missing data techniques, and sociology of religion and culture. His data collection work includes surveys, web scraping, complex online experiments, crowdsourcing, and administrative records. His current research involves using online purchasing patterns to study the informal relationships between religious groups. Nathaniel provides consulting for research and instruction related to the social and behavioral sciences, educational research, and evaluation studies. Common services include consultation on dataset discovery, data collection, restricted data requirements, data cleaning, and missing data management. He also serves as Virginia Tech’s designated representative to the ICPSR data repository, and can be contacted for assistance locating and downloading data. Additionally, Nathaniel offers assistance and workshops in qualitative and quantitative software including SPSS, Stata, SAS, R, NVIVO, Python, and network analysis software.

Amr Hilal, Ph.D.
Head of Informatics Lab and Data Services Project Coordinator
  (540) 231-9281
Amr Hilal holds a PhD degree in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech with focus on wireless networks. He has experience working in the industry as a Software Engineer in multi scale companies and has been part of the entrepreneurship community in Blacksburg, Virginia for 5 years. Amr works with his colleagues in the Informatics Lab, and largely in Data Services, to align to the team’s scope of work, foresee future needs of the research community, and strategically plan future extensions and technology adoption.